Tired of Seeing Tree Stumps on Your Property?

Schedule stump grinding services for your property in West Falls, NY
servicing all of Western New York

When you've just had a tree cut down, you don't want to leave the eyesore of a stump behind.   Instead, turn to Pierce & Co. Stump Grinding LLC for professional stump grinding services.   Our experienced crew can remove tree stumps on residential or commercial properties throughout West Falls, NY and the surrounding area.

Whether you need stump removal after cutting down trees on your property or you have had a stump there for years, count on us to make them disappear.

Explore your stump removal options

We offer three different options when it comes to stump removal services:

  1. Stump grinding services with debris left behind for your use
  2. Stump grinding with debris removal and grading
  3. Stump grinding with debris removal and lawn restoration

When you call us for a free estimate on stump removal services, we can come out to you as soon as the same day to complete service.